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Consistently Inconsistent

Dear People who complain about their Birchboxes…

Get over yourselves. No, I’m serious. Shut up already. You can sit there and whine and complain that you got something that wasn’t a make up product all you want but you’re forgetting something. Birchbox is a LIFESTYLE box. As in, occasionally you’re going to get other things thrown in. Deal with it! The shipping alone is half of what you pay for the box, after the first five bucks in products, everything else is free. The point is to get you to try products you wouldn’t pay full price for before trying them, in hopes you’ll buy the fullsize. I don’t understand why you people can’t get it through your thick skulls, it isn’t intended  to give you a whole bunch of really expensive products for free. It’s essentially a marketing device. I’d like to think the majority of humanity is smarter than this. Please stop insulting the intelligence of those of us who actually get it.
Xoxo, Jess